Education and Training

4smartminds Methoden

So far, only small fractions of the possibilities that new technologies offer are actually in use. Companies, Educational Institutions and the learner himself can rely on a broad spectre of possibilities ranging from punctual digital enrichment of in-classes to the complete digitalisation of education as online courses. We support you with the development of digital learning scenarios for Inverted Classroom models, collaborative learning like Peer-to-Peer Learning, new concepts and didactical formats, the distribution of contents and access to it, and all sorts of digital enrichments through Augmented Reality.

We offer:

  • Gamification, game based learning or serious games for education
  • Classical eLearning programs for technical topics, scientific, tourism, nature related ones, enriched with digital learning scenarios.
  • Concepts and products for mobile learning
  • Development of personalised, simulation based learning concepts
  • Various formats of Augmented Reality supported forms of learning
  • Tailor made Augmented Reality contents for a variety of applications like marketing or product management

Fact is, we need a lot of research and communication in what could be a potential age of digitalisation in education. New methods form a solid ground for initial steps to further innovations in companies, schools and universities. We support you in the development of new learning and teaching methods and successful business modelling for your educational projects.

We offer:

  • Planning an execution of design thinking workshops
  • Analysis and development of business model canvas for business plans in the educational sector.
  • Digital innovations for education
  • Business plans for education

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