What we do?

Our mission is to aim a three dimensional education. Digital learning and teaching are not only a question of technical possibilities but of the clever and successful fusion of technic and content. We join technic with knowledge and convert the learning process to an entertaining experience. Learning contents are transformed into an entertaining and intelligent journey. The learner is excited and engaged which results in him or her learning without noticing it. For the learner it is rather a game than drilled learning, he/ she stays tuned even for a long period of time, something really important when trying the get the most out of education. Applications in Augmented Reality help explain and understand very complex subjects using 3D interactive visualizations.

In order to fulfil this objective, 4smartminds creates digital learning scenarios as mobile learning concepts in short units (learning nuggets) that enable the user to learn wherever and whenever. We are using modern tools like Game Based Learning, Augmented Reality, Inverted Classrooms, simulation based learning and collaborative learning. The learning process is controllable and measurable at all times via our Learning Management System (LMS). Processes like Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics enable us to identify the individual strengths and weaknesses so that we can react accordingly in order to offer the best possible support.

With the same enthusiasm and professionalism we look forward to receive AR projects for industrial applications or marketing, planing or product management purposes. Our creative team will give your projects a new dimension.